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U.S. attorney general to hold Mueller report news conference on Thursday 2019 NFL schedule: Record predictions, analysis for all 32 teams

U.S. attorney general to hold Mueller report news conference on ThursdayAttorney General William Barr will hold a news conference at 9:30 a.m. (1330 GMT) on Thursday to discuss the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential race, the Justice Department said on Wednesday. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller as special counsel nearly two years ago, will also attend the news conference, the department said in a statement. President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly criticized the Mueller investigation as a "witch hunt," said in a radio interview on Wednesday he may hold a news conference after Barr.

The full regular-season schedule is out. Who's ready for Tom Brady vs. Ben Roethlisberger -- again? We have predictions for all 256 games.
The cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire remains unknown. Everything else is a rumor NFL experts: Picking best matchups and biggest winners

The cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire remains unknown. Everything else is a rumorFrench officials have ruled out arson and terror-related motives, but conspiracy theorists are spreading misinformation about the Notre Dame fire.

Baker Mayfield gets four prime-time games. The Patriots have an easy schedule -- again. Here's what you need to know from the schedule.
Netanyahu formally named next Israeli PM Browns to be featured in four prime-time games

Netanyahu formally named next Israeli PMIsraeli President Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday formally handed Benjamin Netanyahu his letter of appointment to start building a coalition government following last week's general election. In a televised ceremony, Rivlin told Netanyahu that in consultations with all parties elected to the incoming 120-seat parliament, "65 MPs recommended you". Rivlin had sounded out delegations from political parties on Monday and Tuesday.

The NFL has granted the Cleveland Browns four prime-time games this season, with the first coming in Week 2, when they will face the New York Jets on Monday Night Football.
A fossil hunter is selling a baby T-rex on eBay, and scientists are livid Yanks break out fog machine, strobe after big win

A fossil hunter is selling a baby T-rex on eBay, and scientists are lividOne of the great things about the world of science is that researchers in most fields tend to be incredibly open with their work. Many publish papers that are available to anyone who wants to read them, and paleontologists in particular love to show what they've discovered, lending fossils of ancient creatures to museums and institutions where they can be studied further and enjoyed by the general public.Fossil hunter Alan Detrich has gone firmly against that trend, deciding to list the tiny T-rex fossils he discovered on eBay, despite the fact that they were still on display at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum. Now, his decision to sell the bones has drawn the ire of researchers around the globe, and his $2.95 million asking price is getting a heap of criticism.As Guardian reports, the issue that many in the paleontology field have with Detrich's decision to sell the fossils -- which he boasts are from "most likely the only baby t-rex in the world" -- isn't so much that dinosaur bones shouldn't be sold, but rather that the fossils are particularly important and should be studied.By all accounts, Detrich is the rightful owner of the specimen, having discovered it on private land in Montana himself. They are his property and, as such, he's welcome to sell or do whatever else he might want to do with them. However, there's been a heated debate raging in paleontology circles for some time over the existence of pint-sized T-rex fossils and whether some other specimens come from juvenile T-rex or from a separate but related species called Nanotyrannus.Settling this debate is only possible if a true juvenile T-rex specimen is found and closely compared to others, noting any similarities or differences that could result in the naming of a new species or determining that other small skeletons are indeed baby T-rex.Selling what appears to be a small T-rex skeleton to a private buyer will likely make such research impossible to complete, and that's a frustrating reality for researchers who are desperate for knowledge.Since the eBay listing went live, the museum that had the fossils on display has removed them from public viewing and returned them to Detrich, who appears to be ready to hand over the precious bones to the highest bidder.

After a hard-fought win over the rival Red Sox on Wednesday night gave them reason to celebrate, the Yankees turned their clubhouse into a bona fide nightclub -- complete with strobe lights and a fog machine of mysterious origin.
Ocasio-Cortez backs boycott of New York Post over cover attacking Ilhan Omar Guardiola bemoans City's 'cruel' exit, VAR calls

Ocasio-Cortez backs boycott of New York Post over cover attacking Ilhan OmarThe freshman Democrat voices her support for a boycott of one of her hometown newspapers.


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Why U.S. Engagement Policy Is The Correct One

Invariably, when one thinks of the efficacy of a nation’s military, the mind’s eye is drawn to the ability of that country to deliver a \"warhead onto the forehead\" of their enemies. Indeed, owing to the Pentagon’s slick packaging of the First Gulf War, modern conflict, in the American mind, became synonymous with high-tech toys, grainy videos of successful missile shots, and a quick resolution of hostilities.

Living Wages Are A Global Problem

The recent protests for an increased minimum wage are part of a larger global protest. The purpose is the same for low wage earners all over the world; increase wages to match the cost of living, and allow workers to form unions if desired and needed. The global protest has gained media attention all over the world, but critics claim that is the only accomplishment the movement will have.

Ukraine: Not What It Seems

After tense days of fighting this week, people in Ukraine are mourning the dead and celebrating the removal of President Victor Yanukovych from power. The final struggle that began on February 18, was the bloodiest endured by the protesters of Euromaidan. By February 22 the fighting was over.

In a Five to Four Decision, Voting Just Got Harder

In a five to four decision along party lines, the Supreme Court ruled on the controversial Shelby County v. Holder case. The ruling, believed by many sets the nation back decades in Civil Rights, while others see it as the fault of Congress dropping the ball on updating the act when it should have years ago.

Coup Or Civil War In Egypt

The day after new protests erupted in Egypt the military in a show of support presented an ultimatum to Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood-led government. Morsi was to step down from power and meet all of the demands of the Egyptian people, or face being removed by the military on Wednesday. As the ultimatum deadline draws closer in Egypt, Morsi refuses to leave, insisting that parliamentary elections are needed before he should be removed, and that he doesn't have permission from the United States to remove himself from power. Most recently he stated he will pay with his life to preserve the sanctity of the ballot box.


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